Friday, September 4, 2009


Here it is.. the first posting of a Kaylee funny! Mike and I went together to pick her up from school yesterday. On the way home, she was in her car seat and was telling me to "shake the car." I did that by turning the wheel back and forth real quick. No worries, we weren't on a busy street and we were going pretty slow. She giggled so loud and kept telling me "shake the car more mommy." She then said "make it hop up and down." Obviously, I can't do that with a car nor do I want to but as we were heading home, we went over some bumpy railroad tracks and she said "make it hop again." Well, I couldn't make it happen again as we were past any bumps in the road so I said to her "We're all done hopping and shaking Kaylee." She got real quiet for a moment and then we heard this:

Kaylee: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes Kaylee"
Kaylee: "Can I drive?" (sooo cute)
Me: "Noooo silly girl, you can't drive, you're too little to drive."
Kaylee: "Can I drive now?"
Me: giggling "Not yet."
Kaylee: "Mom... you're fired."

LOL She's soooo cute and loves to tell everyone they're fired. She even told the feeding therapist she was fired last week after she tried to get Kaylee to try something new. So funny!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another week goes by..

Another week flies by and what do I have to show for it on my blog? Nothing! LOL It just seems that with my brother's family here, I'm not on the computer much. I do have a Jennah Story though - It started out being a compliment from her and then all went south as the conversation went on:

Jennah: "Mom, you're the prettiest thing on two legs that I know."
Me: "Well thanks Jennah."
Jennah: "Well, that is, besides me and Missy, Kaylee and Tigger (our cat) and anyone else that you might know."

Hmmmm, I thought it was too nice to be true! I should have known by the use of the word "thing" in her first statement!