Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jennah's Hospital visit...

Earlier this evening, Jennah had a high fever and was crying and complaining about a very sharp pain in her side. We decided to take her to the emergency room to have her looked at. I got her there at 8:20 and we returned home at midnight. They took x-rays, did a urinary test, drew blood and gave her an IV because she was dehydrated. Turns out, she has a kidney infection. She had the same thing a few years ago only it was a lot worse and had started to spread. This time, we caught it before it got worse. She said her side still hurts but hopefully, that will go away in a few days. She's going to take an antibiotic that should help along with some Tylenol for her fever and the side pain. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow so she can enjoy some of her weekend! Yes, I took a picture of her while we were at the hospital - bad mommy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

where's my blog?

I was reminded today that I haven't blogged in a while. Ok, so here's my excuse this time... Just because I'm a stay at home mom, doesn't mean I stay at home sitting in front of the computer all day! Let's see now, it's the first week of school, I've had to drop off and pick up the kids, had a Dr. appt to go to, took Mike for x-rays, took Kaylee to feeding therapy, took the car into the dealership, went to the bank, did some grocery shopping, not to mention laundry and other housework, paid bills, visited with relatives, and the list goes on. Oh and did I mention that my brother and his family are living with us until the paperwork goes through on the new home they bought! So now there's three extra people in the house and really, by the time we sit and chat after dinner, kids homework, baths and bedtime stories, I'm pooped! LOL Really, though, I wouldn't change a thing. It's just been a crazy week here! Until next time....

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school

Today is the first day of school! The kids were so excited but the parents are even more excited! LOL. We dropped Kaylee off first. Guess what? I forgot to take a picture of her ;( She really got the short end of the stick this year as we didn't walk her to her class. She's in the same class and has the same teacher as last year. Because Jennah started a totally different school and the drop off times were so close, we decided that it would be better to drop Kaylee off and then take Jennah in to her new school since she hadn't gone there before and didn't know her way around. Anyway, Kaylee was happy with just being dropped off (her teacher meets the students outside the school and they all go in together). Jennah was happy that we were taking her in. I didn't get a chance to take pics of her in her classroom but I did catch a couple of pics outside! Now, we'll see how mom does today with no girls to keep me busy! Here are a few pics... enjoy