Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Kaylee story....

I took the kids shopping with me today and on the way to the store, Kaylee and I had the conversation below... remember, she's five now! ;)

Kaylee: "Mom, when I was THE BABY, and I was in your tummy, did I eat the food that you ate?"
Me: "Well, yes, in a way."
Kaylee: "So I ate the foods that were in your belly with me."
Me: "Yes, you could say that."
Kaylee: "Mom, I didn't like to do that."
Me: "You didn't?" "Why?"
Kaylee: "Because it made me sad."
Me: "Why did it make you sad."
Kaylee: "Because I felt guilty eating your food."

I finally figured out why Kaylee needs feeding therapy! LOL How funny that she would think and say that to me. No worries though, I cleared it up for her. We're all good now.