Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Cruise (A journal page by Jennah)

Jennah wrote a paper today about the cruise we just went on last month. I'm going to type it out using her words but spelled correctly so you can read it. The original is in the picture. It is sooo cute:

"While I was gone I went on a cruise. The cruise ship had a water slide & four pools. The ship also had a mini golf park. On Carnival cruise lines I started to notice they had a mascot. His name was Fun Ship Freddy but we liked to call him Freddy. At the buffet they had from pineapple to Chinese food to desserts. My sister had a special dessert. They made her ice cream into a swan. As soon as we got on the ship we went to an anniversary. It was for my Aunt Santa & my Uncle Bob. They were married for 50 years."

Here she is wearing a shirt that the kids on the Cruise in Camp Carnival colored. She had some of her new friends sign the back of it! All of us had a lot of fun on the cruise. It was so nice to see Bob and Santa and their family. Even though they are not really Jennah's Aunt and Uncle, we still feel like we are a part of their family!