Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was a weird day once Jennah got home. In fact, there were so many funny moments, I don't know where to begin. Here's my favorite:

I'll start by saying, The car we drive is a Nissan Cube. One of it's features is the doors lock automatically when you hit 10 or so mph. All the doors auto-unlock once the car is parked and the key is pulled out of the ignition. Of course, a person can also lock or unlock the doors manually by hitting the lock/unlock button themselves. I am into the habit at night to lock the car with the remote while the doors are still open so the car will not make the beep noise and wake the neighbors. Not that my neighbors can even hear it but you never know. With that said: (now's when you want to sit and put that drink down or you may spill it)...

We went out for dinner tonight. Once we got back home, we all got out of the car except for Jennah. I'm not sure what she was doing but by habit, as noted above, I locked the car. Well, Mike, Kaylee and I were standing at the front door to the house when I said to him "What's Jennah doing?" At that time, we both look over and there's Jennah with a panic look on her face banging on the inside window of the car. I hit the unlock button and she got out. I looked at Mike and said "Really? She couldn't get out of the car by unlocking the door herself?" It was then that we were reminded of the OnStar parody - BlondeStar! You know the one: the lady is in her car with the keys in the ignition and she's locked in so she calls OnStar. We were both laughing as Jennah walked up to us and said "Gee mom, you locked me in the car. It's a good thing you heard me banging on the window or I would have been there all night!"

Dear God, please let Jennah be beautiful and find a good man when she grows up!