Thursday, January 14, 2010

What we learned...

On the way home from the bus stop this afternoon, I asked Jennah what they did at school today. Her response:

"Today at school we learned about a brown man who changed the lives of people with different color skin."

She was referring to Martin Luther King. I asked her what she learned about him. She said "No matter what color skin people have, like brown or red or yellow, we are all the same and we should be nice to everyone."

Her mom is so proud!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are you a TerraCycler?

Juice pouches - ahhh, those little drinks that kids absolutely LOVE! I can say our girls don't go a day without at least one to drink. Did you know that you can actually create a drink pouch brigade in your area to save the pouches and send them in for FREE to be recycled into cool things instead of them laying in our landfills! And, it's also a great way to earn FREE cash for your local school or charity? I did not realize this until yesterday when I was folding up one of the boxes that the Caprisun juice pouches come in! What a cool idea! There are several collection "brigades" you can start in your local area. Just go to to learn how! It's a great way to keep the earth smiling!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

we did it...

Last year, Jennah won several awards for her excellent grades. She's in a different school now and is still making good grades however, they don't hand out awards as her previous school did. With that said, last year, on several occasions, she was given certificates for free meals at local restaurants for getting all A's. Several of them were for Golden Corral. Sadly, we never went so she could use her coupons at all last year but they didn't expire so we took her tonight. She was in heaven. You have to know Jennah - she's our "foodie". She'll tell you her favorite color is light brown because it's the color of gravy! Seriously! She kept saying "Isn't this the best place ever?" tonight as she scarfed down her third bowl of soup! I'm glad she liked it, she truly deserved every spoonful of that soup for making excellent grades last year. I on the other hand, am pleased that we don't have to visit Golden Corral any time soon even though we still have vouchers left! It was ok. I'm just a germ-o-phobe and those kinds of places really gross me out! Until next time....