Wednesday, June 2, 2010

chicken face

We took the girls out to dinner the other night to Beef O'Brady's. Of course, Jennah loves going there because they have hot wings. Yes, she loves the hot sauce - maybe it has something to do with when I was pregnant with her, I craved the 3 Mile Island wings from Hooters - seriously, I ate them 3 times a week back then. We took this picture as she was eating and then showed it to her and asked "What guy is going to take you out on a dinner date with a face like this?" Her response: "Well, I'll find me a guy who likes chicken wings as much as I like them and we'll both have chicken faces!" Too funny - I can picture it now...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Flip Flops

During our trip to Michaels Craft store today, Jennah and I had this conversation:

Jennah: "Mom, do you know why I'm wearing flip flops today?"
Me: "Ummmm, no, why?"
Jennah: "Well, it is the beginning of summer ya know and there's nothing worse in the summer than white feet with wrinkles so you have to wear flip flops so your feet get nice and tan."
Me: "Oh, ok, Thanks for telling me that, I didn't know."
Jennah: "Yeah, by the looks of your white feet, I could tell you didn't know."

Ahhh, my Jennah, she's always so honest!