Friday, February 26, 2010

It's "I love my..." Friday

Today, I love my..... GE Chrome Electric Tea Kettle! I bought it about two years ago from Wal-Mart and I will say I still love it! It heats up water lickity split and you can take the pot off the base and set it anywhere because the bottom doesn't get hot. I like that it's all shiny and it holds a lot of water and of course that is has an auto-off switch! I can blame my friend Paola for it because she had one that she used when I was visiting and I really liked it. Oh and the best part is it's not just for making hot tea or cocoa... I've used it to boil water quickly to make scalloped potatoes, boiled water to pour into my crock pot to get the cooked on food off easily and just yesterday, I used it to boil water to pour over Kaylee's stroller seat with some laundry detergent to clean it off (outside of course)! Really, it's one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We have a new puppy...

Ok, not really... had you going though huh? You see, we decided to let Kaylee roam the house in her new "big girl underwear". Yeah, that's right, potty training time has finally come. So, I say we have a puppy because I'm sure this is what having a puppy is like. You know.. you take them outside, walk them for hours, only to come in and have the puppy go potty on the floor. Well, yeah, it's like that, exactly like that only I haven't brought myself to grabbing Kaylee by the scruff of the neck to drag her over and rub her nose in it and honestly, I haven't made her walk outside for hours either. Hmmmmm I wonder....? Oh no, never mind. Really though, it was kind of her idea to start this. She doesn't want to wear diapers anymore because "those are for babies" or so we've been telling her every time she needs one changed. She even cried when I put a diaper on her tonight for bed. So, for now, I take her in the bathroom every half hour or so and we sit...and sit...and sit. Of course, we haven't got the timing down just yet. Oh well, we'll get there one of these days! Until then, we'll keep the Clorox wipes stocked and the paper towels close by.

Monday, February 22, 2010


That's it... nothing to write about today. The kids weren't funny, I did the usual running around town taking care of things, made dinner, and now I'm done for the night. Boring huh? Oh well, maybe just maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow! Until then... enjoy your evening!