Saturday, February 28, 2009

A trip to the past

Jennah and I spent the day going through some Antique stores this afternoon. We had a ton of fun looking at the "old" items that people use to have way back when. We went into one store and they had an antique Victrola (side crank record player) that still worked. The owner of the shop let Jennah crank the handle on the side to play the record. As he was explaining to her how it worked, she looked at him and said "Well, I have one question for you." He was very nice and replied "What would that be sweetie?" Jennah looked at him and asked "What's a record?" Too funny! After he told her what it was, she just had this look on her face like 'why would you want to crank this thing to play that when you can listen to music on your iPod!'

We also made a trip to Rita's for some Italian Ice. It is the yummiest treat EVER! She had the watermelon and I had the banana split one which amazingly had a true banana split flavor along with pieces of cherry, pineapple and chocolate chips mixed in. If you've never been, it's kind of like an Icee but better for you. It's made with only real fresh fruit and fine, shaved ice... NO syrup; fat free, cholesterol free and even sugar free in some flavors! Check out their website to find one near you!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yea! Daddy's Home!

The girls were pretty excited tonight when they saw Mike at the airport. He's been gone for a week - yes, I survived! Anyway, we bought some auto-window paint and made a welcome back sign for him on the van. I did the wording at the top and Jennah did the words at the bottom because she wasn't tall enough to reach! Normally, our artist Jennah makes a poster for him that we hang on the front door but we didn't find any time to do that this week so this was my other option. Jennah thought this was cool! When Mike saw the van at the airport, he had a big smile on his face. He said he could also hear some of the ladies that were outside saying "Awwww, how sweet!" We're glad he's home!

Blog page update..

Ok, so I'm looking for an update to my blog page... something that keeps up with the time of year. So, I thought well, how about a St. Patricks Day theme. Here's what I came up with. Yeah, I'm not sure if I like it yet. It's kind of blah. Maybe it's just that green is not my thing. Oh well, I'll keep it for March or just until St. Patty's Day, then I'm going to have to give it up and change it out again!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dairy Queens

Tonight was Jennah's school spirit night at Dairy Queen. I'm reluctant to take the girls to the usual spirit night outing by myself as it is usually held at Chik-fil-A which has an indoor play area. I guess it's my fear of having to climb through those ummm, shall we say...germ infested, stinky, contraptions to rescue a small child named Kaylee! Yeah, the last time we went, Mike had to make one of those dreaded rescue missions! Tonight was different, no play area, and lots of ice cream to keep Kaylee happy! Jennah had a great time talking to her friends and her teacher whom she absolutely loves. I had a chance to catch up with some of the moms and some of the teachers as well. When we came home, the girls and I read some books and then it was bedtime for them. Ahhhhh, peace and quiet! Gotta love those few moments of quiet time!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair Cut Day - Even if it IS Time Out Tuesday!

Even though it's Time Out Tuesday, I took the girls to get haircuts this afternoon. They both look so cute. It's hard to tell in the picture but the back on both girls' are short and stacked with an angled bob look in the front. Kaylee's is real hard to tell because her hair is still curly on the sides. It's cute though, you're going to have to trust me! Of course, we had to leave Jennah's longer in the front so she can tuck it behind her ears which is her favorite "look". It also helps to show off those "diamond" earrings" as she says.

Kaylee's prize

Some of you know this already but I still wanted to share. Today, we picked up Kaylee's January attendance award for Physical Therapy. It was an envelope with a note on the front and a little car attached. Inside was a nice $25 Visa gift card. They figure I'm going to use it for gas maybe? She had also won the January attendance award for Speech Therapy as well which was a $25 Publix grocery store gift card. If you make it to all your appointments, they put your name in a drawing for the gift cards. It is a nice incentive from All Children's Hospital for families to keep their appointments. Ok, so Kaylee goes to four different types of therapy sessions and probably has a greater chance of getting chosen as each therapist is a separate drawing but hey, it is sometimes difficult to get her to five appointments a week! So, with all the driving we do, she or shall we say WE deserve it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Me & My Shadow...

When we returned from the bus stop this afternoon, Kaylee wouldn't come into the house. She said she was "dancing with the shadow!" Of course, I grabbed my phone and took a pic! Too cute! Oh, and don't mind the chalk arrow on the walkway next to her. The girls colored on the driveway and then made an arrow all the way to the front door for Mike when he returns "so he'll know which way to the door" as Jennah said! I hope he doesn't forget!! LOL... I figure they'll have to go re-do it by Friday as it's fading already!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A trip to the Mall

The girls and I took Mike to the airport early this morning, then made a stop over to my moms house for a quick visit. Afterward, I took them to the mall where we caught up with my sister Kathy. We had a nice time shopping. It's one of those type of malls where you get to the shops from outdoors rather than from inside a huge building. Anyway, they have these huge wall-size screens that they use for advertising hanging on the sides of some of the stores. Jennah was hilarious and stopped to "model" in front of all of the different ads. This picture was my favorite... it really looked like they were stepping off the escalator! She's so funny with her "poses".