Saturday, March 7, 2009

A very small party...

Mike and I couldn't let Kaylee's Birthday go by without some cake and a tiny party... like just the 4 of us. (see previous post) We ran to Wal-Mart and bought one of those mini-cakes and grabbed a balloon! Kaylee was so excited! We all sang happy birthday to her, she blew out her candles and opened her present & card from Jennah. She was so happy and I was glad that we didn't let us being sick get in her way of celebrating! Of course, we'll celebrate with the family next weekend as well.

She blew out 2 of her candles but that last one was tough so she asked for help with it!

She LOVED her card from Jennah. It has Little Mermaid on it and plays the "Part of Your World song.

Jennah picked out this Dora mermaid bath toy. Kaylee loves Dora and the Little Mermaid so it was a very wise choice from her big sister!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

The Good: Today is Kaylee's 3rd Birthday!

The Bad: Kaylee and mommy are both sick!

The Ugly: Mommy and Daddy made the decision to cancel her birthday party which was scheduled for tomorrow! We just don't want to see anyone else get sick. Kaylee's had a pretty bad cold for about a week now and I woke up with it this morning! We're going to re-schedule the party for next weekend. Tonight, we'll still give her the presents that we bought and have a little cake but for the rest of the family, they'll have to wait.
Here she is this morning with her Birthday Doughnut for breakfast!

Friday, March 6, 2009

shopping trip

Jennah and I went shopping tonight for a gift for Kaylee's birthday. On the way there, we play "Cash Cab". In case you haven't seen the show, it's a New York cab driver who picks up people like any other cabbie would only they get a chance to win money by answering trivia questions on the way to their destination. On their third wrong answer, they lose the money they've won and get dropped off on the side of the road no matter where they are at. They also get one mobile phone call and one street shout out for help. My "losing" question from Jennah tonight was "In the Hannah Montana show, she had a zit...on what part of her face was it." Thank goodness I'm the "cabbie" or I'd have been walking to Wal-Mart! She can come up with some trivia alright! It's a fun game to play with her.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Picture Day

Today was picture day at school. Of course, my fashionista Jennah had her "plan" of what she was going to wear and how she was going to do her hair. We'll just say I had other plans! As you know, she just got her hair cut and it's real cute. For some girly girl reason, she all of a sudden wants to wear barrettes in her hair and I do mean barrettes. Like 20 of them just scattered all over her head! Not the big ones but the ones that are for babies. You know... little pigs, ladybugs and flowers on the ends of them. Well, I was not going for that "look" in her school pictures this morning! Call me mean but hey, I'm the one paying for the pics! She then asked me if she could bring a hairband to school so I let her but I told her that I wanted her hair down for the pictures and then she could put the hairband in afterward. I even went as far as to write it on the photographer's instruction form. We'll see in a few weeks what she looked like. I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I attended a meeting at the local elementary school this morning for Kaylee. All went well. She has been accepted into their ESE Pre-K program and will start school as soon as I fill out the paperwork, get her physical (which can't be done until after she turns 3 this Saturday) and obtain uniforms. That's right, I'm now in search of school uniforms for a 3 yr old who can still fit into some of her size 18/24 month pants! Now I haven't seen any 18 month olds wearing uniforms or I'm sure it would be an easier task! Of course trying to find them at the end of the school year makes it just that much harder. I did manage to find a supplier on-line that actually sells a size 2T ! I went ahead and ordered 2 jumpers, 3 tops, 1 pair of pants and a pair of shorts. It sounds like a lot for the time of year that it is but I'm positive she'll be wearing the same size in August when school starts back up. I'm sure I'm in for some hemming and such since she's so tiny but as soon as they come in, she'll be on her way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time Out Tuesday

I'm actually glad it's Time Out Tuesday. Kaylee's been sick since Saturday. She's got a fever and a horrible sounding cough. She's also not been wetting diapers like normal. I took her to the Dr. yesterday which to me was much like taking my van into the dealer for repairs! You know what I mean... You take the car in and explain the noise that you hear yet the mechanic NEVER hears it so there's "nothing wrong". I guess the one good thing was that she did manage to work up a cough or two that the Dr. was able to hear but her fever was down a bit because of the Tylenol I had given her shortly before we left the house! He did note the fever and the cough but couldn't tell what was wrong with her. Nothing in her chest, strep test and flu test both negative, and no infection in her sinuses. Ok, so I have a sick kid but we don't' know why. All they could say was if she still has a fever Wednesday morning, we're to call the Dr. back. Ugh!