Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giving it up

It's a sad day for me as I"m cleaning my closet and I'm giving up a ton of stuff that I've held on to for no apparent reason but memories. I just don't have room for most of it anymore. One of the things I'm putting in the donate bag is my all time favorite diaper bag that I used for both girls. Yes, I know, my youngest is four but believe it or not, we just stopped using this bag! It's from Skip Hop and is called the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe. I LOVE this diaper bag.. it was always so roomy and held everything I needed. The best part is it comes with two straps that are "hidden" inside until you need them to hook the bag onto your stroller. I also bought the matching Skip Hop Pronto which is an all in one changing pad with a detachable side for holding diapers, wipes and other necessities. This item made it so much easier when traveling to just carry in one little thing rather than my whole diaper bag which in most restrooms, there is no place to hang. It was so nice to have these two items but for now, I'm going to donate them so someone else can make good use of them as I did. You can view these items at http://www.skiphop.com/ if you are looking for some nice baby gear.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday week...

That's right.. Birthday WEEK! As it should be celebrated! My Birthday was on the 22nd. I had the best one ever! Mike took the day off work - just for me! He and the girls went shopping and made me my very own HUGE birthday card (see pic). They also bought me a sweeper, some pretty flowers, a serving platter AND treated me to a day of "anything mom wants to do". I decided that we would take the girls to the water park for a while and then go out for some lunch at Chili's. Yummmm. Kaylee blurted out to the waitress that it was my birthday so yes, they all came out and sang to me and surprisingly, the waitress gave me a birthday card with a coupon for free chips and salsa -my favorite! We then went back home so the girls could take a rest after being at the water park. Afterward, we went out to dinner at Carrabba's - talk about getting a tummy full! We went out again the next day with my brother and my BFF Missy and then hopped on over to their house for yet another birthday celebration! So much fun packed into one weekend! Anyway, I'm a year older now but none the less, I'm still going to act like I'm 13 ! LOL Have a great week!

...at the water park

No need to explain... ;)