Saturday, April 24, 2010

A 108 !!

So today, my 7yr old bowls a 108! She now holds the high score for the PeeWee bowling teams! Ummm, I don't think I'll bowl with her anymore! Nice job Jennah! (FYI, that's her on the left, in the white T-shirt) I took this with my cell phone and am hoping the Coach's wife will give me a copy of the one she took wtih her camera!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Too Much Mom....

As usual, I took Jennah to the bus stop this morning. I enjoy this time with her because we can usually have some good mother/daughter conversation. This morning was no exception:

Jennah: "Mom, why do you wave at me every day when I get on the bus?"
Me: "Oh, I'm not waving at you." "I'm waving at the bus driver because she waves at me."
Jennah: "Oh"
Me: "Do you want me to wave at you too?" "I can." "I'll even blow you kisses if you want."
Jennah: "Umm, no thanks." "That's a little too much mom for me."

A little later, the bus shows up and Jennah gets to her seat and looks out the window at me like she always does. No, I didn't wave or blow kisses at her. I just watched her smile big at me and off she went.

Even though I hadn't waved at her before, I was a little sad. I thought this moment would come later - like when she's a teenager. She's just growing up so fast. I guess I should be happy that I can still tell her I love her before she gets out of the car. She hasn't stopped me from doing that - yet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cheese Stick Ice Cream...

Today was Kaylee's feeding therapy day. We love her therapist at All Children's Sertoma Therapy Center, Miss Mel! She is soooo good with Kaylee. Today for instance, Kaylee wanted to make "Cheese Stick Ice Cream. We were perplexed as to what she was talking about and asked her to show us. Miss Mel gave her two bowls - one for Kaylee and one for herself. Imagine our surprise when Kaylee took a bowl of mandarin oranges (with the juice) and added a cut up cheese stick to it, stirred it up AND then ate the whole thing in a "race" type game with Miss Mel! Kaylee won the race but I must mention that Miss Mel ate all of hers to! Thanks a bunch Miss Mel for not getting a bowl out for me! You're the best!