Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spoon Theif...

So we thought we had a teaspoon thief... well, until yesterday that is. It seems like we've suddenly been running out of teaspoons every day for the last week or so. You use one and go to grab another and they're all gone? So, we did some spoon counting. When we first got married, we received two 8 piece sets of nice silverware. We kept both sets thinking we'd have enough to use for us and company, etc. which worked out great. Recently, I noticed we were "using" a lot of spoons during the day so I counted all my spoons yesterday - 16 tablespoons: check; 4 teaspoons: WHAT! Our conclusion: Both kids had tonsils taken out a week ago and were eating lots of jello, ice cream, pudding, etc. Well, we figure that little miss Kaylee has been throwing out her spoons each time along with her jello cup and/or pudding cup and we never noticed! So, I had to go out and buy some spoons today. I'm not happy though - after 14 years they don't make the pattern I have any more! So I was forced to buy spoons that don't match what I already have! Grrrrrrrrrrr Have no fear though, when Kaylee moves out, she's getting my unmatched set and I'm getting new ones!

Friday, April 16, 2010

AARRGGHHHH - I can't win!

Sometimes you can't reason with your children no matter what. My conversation with Kaylee on the way home today was as follows:

Kaylee: "Hey mom, we had cake in class today for Heavenly's Birthday."
Me: "Oh, I bet that was yummy."
Kaylee: "Yeah, it was white with pink letters and pink on the sides, and we had a juice box to drink."
Me: "That sounds nice."
(A pause)
Kaylee: "Mom, you didn't bring me a cake to school at my birthday."
Me: "No, Kaylee, but remember mommy brought princess cupcakes?"
Kaylee: "Oh yeah."
(another long pause)
Kaylee: "But you didn't bring cake to me at school."
Me: "That's because I brought cupcakes instead."
(Kaylee pauses again)
Kaylee: "But you didn't bring me cake."
Then she begins to cry because I didn't bring cake, I brought cupcakes!

Suddenly I have a vision of Kaylee doing couch time, telling the therapist that I NEVER brought cake to school for her!

Monday, April 12, 2010

getting back to normal?

It's been almost a week since we've been home and I've yet to unpack all the luggage! I'll blame it on the kids! They should have started back to school today but since they had surgery last week, they can't go back until Thursday. Both girls are doing well with today being the best day for them. Oh, I should mention for those that don't know, they both had their tonsils and adenoids removed and Kaylee also had tubes put in her ears. It took Jennah a while to return to her "almost self" while Kaylee acted like nothing happened at all. I'll be glad when they go back to school - maybe I can get more done then. Hopefully this will also mean the end of the once every other month case of strep that they used to get!