Thursday, August 19, 2010


Every night before the girls go to bed, I have them get their hugs, kisses and a drink of water so they don't get back up because they're thirsty and so forth. Those of you that have/had children know what I'm talking about - "the stall tactics" as we call it. So, knowing that, here's the Kaylee speech: First, I'll let you know that the other day, I bought a bottle of Hawaiian Punch which she loves.

Kaylee: (just before bed) "Mom, I'm really, really, really thirsty."
Me: "Ok, lets grab a cup and get some water because it's bedtime."
Kaylee: "No, I don't like water."
Me: "Well, you must not be that thirsty."
Kaylee: "But I AM that thirsty so why don't you just get me some of that punch."
Me: "Is that any way to talk to mommy?"
Kaylee: "No, but can I have some punch please."
Me: "No, you can have water. We don't drink punch before bedtime."
Kaylee: "But I do and we should drink punch before we go to bed, like a new rule."
Me: "I'm sorry Kaylee, that's not a rule that we're going to start."
Kaylee: "Well, I like to start that rule but I'll just go to bed for now."

Don't worry, I didn't give in. I just pondered the conversation she and I just had and stood there!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

her wish list...

School starts in 6 days! Who's counting? ME! Actually my girls are pretty excited to go back to school. Jennah only has one issue: Uniforms! Last year, her school did not require her to wear uniforms which she enjoyed, being the fashion queen that she is. This year however, the Quest Academy for the Gifted has been relocated and is now housed in a school which does require uniforms. Of course, I'm happy about this as it means no REAL decisions as to what she can wear each morning. She's so bummed about it, when she received her Justice For Girls catalog in the mail, she went through it and made a wish list for her birthday! Cute - but her birthday isn't until next June! I'm afraid she's probably not going to find the same outfits next year! Oh well, she'll have to cope! LOL