Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays...

The last few years since we've been back to Florida, my sister and I have come up with something cheap and fun to give to everyone in our family on Christmas Eve. Lets see, we've done the Echo-ing toy microphones, whoopi cushions and so on. This year, it was my turn again so I bought everyone holiday themed 3-D glasses. They were sooo cool. When we put them on, all the holiday lights on the trees, etc, turn into 3 dimensional snowmen, snowflakes or ornaments depending on which pair of glasses we had on. Everyone se
emed to really think they were cool and we enjoyed passing around the different glasses so everyone had a chance to look at all three designs!

Here we are sporting our glasses...

and here without them! LOL

Psst... don't mind the mess - we took the photo after unwrapping gifts and had to move furniture to get everyone in the pic!