Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Jennah story

The girls and I went running around town today to take care of some errands. On the way home, Jennah asks "Mom, what does repossessed mean?" So, to put it in her terms, I told her "Well, it's like when you buy a car, you sign a paper promising to make payments to the bank because cars are real expensive and that way, you can pay small amounts at a time instead of thousands of dollars at once. If you stop paying, the bank takes your car back because you stopped paying for it like you promised. When they take the car back, it's called having your car repossessed." Lame, I know but it was the best I could do while driving in the rain on a short notice question. She just said "Oh, okay." and we were done with it. Well, a while later, she and Kaylee were in their bedroom playing and I hear Kaylee yelling "It's mine!" so I immediately ask Jennah "What's going on?" And this my friends is where it goes bad... Jennah took a toy away from Kaylee. Why we ask? Well, she REPOSSESSED it because apparently, Kaylee didn't want to pay her for it! Or, if you want Jennah's exact quote... "Well, I repossessed it because it's not like Kaylee has a job and is going to pay me for it." Ahhhhhh.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wine time...

I'm not much of a wine expert or a wine drinker for that matter but today I ran across a bottle of wine that I bought just because I liked the name of it! Crazy huh? Well, once my family blog readers see the label, they'll understand! It's like me in a bottle only I wish it said "Middle Child - Smarty Pants" on it! Needless to say, Mike and I cracked open the bottle and had a glass this evening. Just what I thought - much too dry for me! I'm going to stick to my local Florida Winery - Keel & Curley brand of Strawberry Riesling. Now that, I can drink and enjoy! Cheers!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I went bowling this afternoon with Jennah, my brother's girlfriend and my nephew. I'll start by saying I haven't bowled in about 12 years! So, needless to say, I was scared that Jennah was going to beat my score! I think I did pretty good though. Ok, maybe not! My first score was an 85.. my nephew beat my score and he wasn't even trying hard! My second and third games were better - ok, somewhat better. I had a 107 and a 105. Anyway, the best part was I had fun. Jennah also did well. She bowled a 51 for her high score! I can just see I'm going to need a bit more practice before I start my league bowling in three weeks! Oh, yes I did - signed myself up for punishment on a ladies only league! Maybe, just maybe someone out there will be worse at bowling than I am!

company today..

Yes, you've heard it before... We love having company come over. Today was no different... or was it? We knew my brother and his family were coming over this weekend so I decided that I'd bake a cake since it was his girlfriend's birthday last Wednesday. It was a great idea, only my timing was way off. Yes, I was baking a cake at 9:00 pm and stayed up until 1:00AM carving and decorating it. I know, crazy huh? Well, I wanted to be sure it was ready when they came over. I'm glad I did it last night as we had some errands to take care of this morning. No problem - Well, one might think. You see, when you're silly enough to bake a cake, cut it into flip flop shapes and decorate it in the wee hours of the morning, one doesn't always want to clean up at that time. So, I made the decision to clean up after we got back from running around this morning. Normally when my brother comes over he usually shows up around 3ish. No, not today... Today's the day he shows up while my sink is full of cake pans and decorating stuff! In fact, we were barely in the door when they came knocking! Anyway, at least it was just him and his family. I got the dishes done while we chatted and had some laughs! We had a great time and everyone loved the cake.