Friday, September 3, 2010


We were at a restaurant tonight with my nephews when Kaylee came over to me all excited and said "Hey mommy, I feel my heart thumping!" So, I put my hand on the spot she pointed at and I said "Yes, I feel it too!" She then walked over to everyone at our table and made them feel it too. She was so happy that everyone could feel her heart thumping! On the way out, she told the lady at the door about it and then told her that she can't wait to tell her Doctor the next time she goes (which I hope isn't for a while!) She's just too cute!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Grocery shopping with Kaylee...

Today, I took Kaylee with me to Publix to get some groceries. While over at the meat department, I was looking at some pork chops and she points to a pork roast and we have the following conversation:

Kaylee: "Mom, is this a little pig?"
Me: "Well, we call it a pork roast."
Kaylee: "It looks like a little baby pig with no head and no feet."
Me: "Yes it does."

Then we move on over and there in front of her is a package of pig feet! She looks at it and...

Kaylee: YELLING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS: "Mommy, there are hands in that package!"
Me: chuckles "Shhhh don't be so loud. Those are not hands, those are pigs feet."
Kaylee: "I don't like piggy feets."
Me: "Don't worry Kaylee, I'll never buy those for us."
Kaylee: "Promise mom?"
Me: "Yes, I promise."
Kaylee: "You tell daddy not to buy those either."
Me: "Ok"
Kaylee: "I love you mom."

Sooo cute!