Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mom's day out..

Today, I got to go get my hair done again. I absolutely love the gal that does it! I had it colored to ummmm let's just say "cover up the holiday tinsel!" It's more like the girl's color now so I actually look like their mom again. Of course, the pic was taken this evening after I ran around all day with the windows open in the van, etc. It actually looked better right after she did it.

Mike is packing his bag tonight to head out to Arkansas. So, you "Northern" people, take care of him would ya! He took us out to Chili's for dinner - only because we had gift cards! The food was ok, not the greatest but it was better than cooking and of course, it didn't' cost us anything but the few dollars we left for a tip!

Friday, February 20, 2009

School Bus Seat Belts

This afternoon, I waited 45 minutes after the normal drop off time for Jennah's bus to arrive. I asked her what took it so long. Well, apparently, a kid took his seat belt off and the buckle part of it hit a girl and sliced her forehead open. The bus driver had to stop the bus and help stop the bleeding. Then, a few of the kids became sick and nearly passed out from seeing this and the blood. This is the second time on Jennah's bus this year (that I'm aware of) that the seat belts have caused an injury of some sort. Jennah lost one of her teeth because of the seat belts when the buckle part got hung up on a girl's backpack; Then as the girl walked away, it "let go" and hit Jennah in the mouth. I'll be glad when Kaylee starts school as I'm going to start driving them to and from! I can't drive Jennah now because of Kaylee's therapy times but as of now, I'm counting down the days.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lately, Kaylee has been a bear at bedtime. She goes into bed fine but after we walk out, after a minute or so, we can hear her yelling "You ok mom?" or "You ok Daddy?" It's heartbreaking but we don't dare go back into her room or it gets worse. For instance, Mike went back into her room tonight to let her know he was ok and she started with her "I want out." requests. He told her "No, you need to go night night." and she started to cry. It killed him to lay her back down and walk away but really, it doesn't take her long to settle down and go to sleep. Man can kids make you feel bad!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Cute stories

I was doing dishes tonight and could hear Jennah talking but didn't see her or Kaylee until I peeked around a little bit and found them both sitting on the floor around the corner from the kitchen. Jennah was reading a book to Kaylee. What an awesome big sister she is. She read two books to Kaylee tonight and then told her she'd read another one to her tomorrow night before bed.

I took Kaylee to speech therapy today... She sat down at the table and said in the clearest of words "We will.. We will.. Rock You!" Twice. She's next in line for the Rock Band Microphone! The therapist and I had a good laugh and then Kaylee started giggling as well. She sure has come a long way in the last year. We're so proud of both our girls!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Out Tuesday...

Being that we returned from Miami last night, Time Out Tuesday was perfect for us tonight...Pizza! I did manage to get caught up on laundry today even though I had to take Jennah to the dentist this morning and had therapy for Kaylee this afternoon! Anyway, here are a few pics form our weekend at the Miami boat show... enjoy!

There were so many boats that we would have
loved to own. Really though, we could MAYBE
afford the one to the left of the pier!

This is the style we are looking for! A smaller
fishing boat with just enough room for all of us.

Jennah... yes, I know - hanging on
a pole at the Miami Children's
Museum! We didn't actually go into
the museum but we let them burn
off some energy at the play area!

Kaylee was so cute. She would ask me what I
wanted. I would tell her "I'll have a ..." and
she would repeat what I asked for and run
to get it and return to serve me! Too cute!
Here she is with my ice cream!