Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did you miss the wedding?

Did you miss the wedding? I did! Apparently, while I was folding clothes one day, I missed a very important wedding. No, not that of Prince William; I missed Kaylee's wedding! How could I? Well, for one, I didn't know about it until she came running out of her room all dressed up and had the following conversation with me:

Kaylee: "Hey mom, guess what?"
Me: "What Kaylee?"
Kaylee: "I just was married!"
Me: (in my excited voice) "You were?" "To who?"
Kaylee: "My boyfriend Ryan."
Me: "Awww"
Kaylee: "And know what else?"
Me: "No, what else?"
Kaylee: "We have a baby now."
Me: "What? A baby?"
Kaylee: "No mom, I'm just pretending I'm married and have a baby."
Me: "Whew."

She's so into pretending now-a-days, it's too cute!

Here she is - all dressed up in her "wedding gown".
I'm really diggin' the huge diamond ring!