Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

Here on the West coast of  Florida, we've been hit hard by tropical storm Debby with strong wind gusts and tons of rain. Monday was the worst day. It was so windy, there were tornado warnings everywhere, power outages (ours was out for 9 hours) and lots and lots of rain. I measured the water in our rain barrel - 10.5 inches in 12 hours. Our pool overflowed and our yard was flooded on one side but, we were some of the lucky ones. Many people not too far from us had to be evacuated as the water went into their homes. It's a sad thing to see - families losing everything they've worked hard for, especially in this economy. When it finally stopped today, I went out and took somd photos around the yard and down the road. I've got to say, the city workers where I live did a heck of a job cleaning up the tree limbs and all the other debri on the roads.

 This was taken at the end of the road behind us.

 The rainbarrel measurement. It holds 55 gallons and was about 1/3 full

The water on the side of our house - it's about 6 or 7 inches deep.

The icky baby frogs - there were hundreds of them in our driveway in the morning but they disappeared after about an hour or so.