Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Job + Money = Donuts

According to Kaylee, I need to get a job. She's right in a way - it would be nice to go to work since they're both in school now and all the driving Kaylee to therapy has ceased. It was the way she said it that totally cracked me up. Our conversation went like this:

Kaylee: "Mom, can we get a donut before school?"
Me: "Not today Kaylee, mommy doesn't have any money with her."
Kaylee: "Mom, you need a job."
Me: "Yeah Kaylee, do you think so?"
Kaylee: "Mom, do you know if you have a job, and you do it nice and right, they will give you money and then we can get a donut."
Me: "Oh, is that how it works?"
Kaylee: "Yes. So you need to get a job."

So blunt and to the point! Love her! ;0)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ride On Jennah!

She did it - Jennah has learned to ride her new bike without the training wheels! I say "new bike" because her bike that had the training wheels on it was too small so we took her to get a bigger one - one that didn't come with training wheels to tempt her! She had riding mastered in just a few minutes! After she was used to riding in our neighborhood, we decided to take her on her first ride down the Suncoast Parkway Trail. It was a beautiful day and our ride was very nice. We rode for 6 miles which I thought was great since it was our first time out there and with Jennah being new to riding, we didn't know how much she would actually handle. She did well and is already asking if we can go further next time!

Mike, Jennah and Kaylee - I'm taking the pic!

Poor Mike, he had the hardest job - toting "the princess" around in the trailer.

Kaylee "the princess" who called Mike "the horsey" and yelled at him to go faster! She loves the trailer - no worries, we had the safety screen on it while riding and yes mom, she has a helmet!

Jennah and her new bike!