Friday, December 17, 2010

Run, Run as fast as you can...

Run, Run as fast as you can; You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man! Our annual gingerbread man decorating was tonight. The kids love this. It's easy and it's something the whole family enjoys. So here are the pics..

Kaylee's (with a little help)



and mine...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A day at the Spa

For Mother's Day this year, that's right, way back then, Mike bought me a "By The Sea" Spa Package gift certificate. It was such a nice gift and I FINALLY got to use it today! So, after I dropped the girls off at school, I trotted in to the Spa! First, I started with a one hour full body, aromatherapy massage. I was in Heaven for that whole hour! Then, I had a seaweed facial. Now, I've never had a spa facial before but let me tell you, I could get used to it. And honestly, it was more than the lady just putting a "mud" mask on me. There was a steam fan, some hot towels and a bunch of creams and good smelling stuff put on my face at various times! Not only was it a facial, it included a face, head, shoulder and neck massage and a foot massage as well! They did all the extras while I had the seaweed mask on. After that, it was off to the electric massage chair to have my spa pedicure and manicure done along with my drink of choice and a snack of cookies and fudge. YUMMM. Then, when I was through with that, it was on to the deep conditioning treatment, a shampoo and a style for my hair. All in all, it was a WONDERFUL 5 hours of pampering! Thanks Mike! You're the best!