Saturday, January 3, 2009

The things kids say...

Today I went to have lunch with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in about 13 years. I took the girls since Mike was out fishing and she brought her 8yr old daughter with her! We went to Wendy's - in another town being that I boycotted the one here in our town for their lack of customer service. The kids all got along well so we were there for quite a while catching up on old times. As we were leaving, I decided a diaper change for Kaylee was a definite need. Of course, we go to the ladies room and there is no changing table or counter top surface that I can use. So, I decided I'd just change her in the van. On the way out of Wendy's, while we're still in the lobby area, Jennah says in her Jennah sarcastic, loud voice "I just don't understand." So I said "What's that Jennah?" to which she replies - in the same loud sarcastic voice..."How this place can have baby seats (meaning high chairs) but no changing tables...Don't they know baby's eat and then go potty in their diapers!" It was so funny to me that she put the two together! Meanwhile, I'm dragging her out of Wendy's before we go to jail! ;) I can't even tell you what she said while we were at Michael's (it's a craft store kind of like Hobby Lobby). I'll just say Jennah's conversation with the cashier started with "My dad's name is Michael, like Michael's but without the s." and ended on the topic of his underwear! Yeah, I'm scared - we're going to jail on of these days!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My girly girl Jennah is ill again! She just got over Strep throat and now has an ear infection. Will it ever end. I can't believe Kaylee has not caught anything we've been passing around. This time though, we're all on meds together so maybe we can kick it! There's definitely something going around. I went to Wal-Mart at noon today to get our Rx's filled and the pharmacist told me I wouldn't get the meds back until late tomorrow morning. I said "Are you kidding?" She looked at me and said "No, we're about 6 hours behind and we won't even have time to look at yours until the morning." I said "Forget it" (in a nice way) and took my Rx's to the grocery store which had them ready in 45 minutes! I hate to not give W*M the business but I wanted to get Jennah started on her meds today so she'll get well before school starts next week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jennah's face painting
Kaylee enjoying her cotton candy and pop corn.

Happy New Year!

We took the girls to the local park last night for the town's New Year Celebration. It was a lot of fun especially for the kids. They had face painting, dancing, hula hoop contests, air hockey, Foosball and a ton of other fun things for them to do. They even had free food! We had a nice time. Mike had to take Kaylee home at about 11:00 though. She was VERY tired and was getting pretty miserable to be around! Jennah and I stayed until the Tangerine dropped! That's right, our very own New Years Tangerine drop! Who needs the big ball in NY! It's a fiberglass Tangerine hooked up to a strand of rope lights that they rigged to a pole and just like in Times square, as the clock counts down the last 45 seconds, the Tangerine drops and lights up the 2009 sign! How cool is that for a small town! Of course, everyone walks away with a bag of tangerines and some cool goodies like tee shirts, etc.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doll House?

Since I missed a day or two of posting (sorry mom!) I thought I'd share one more cute post....

Jennah and Kaylee both received doll houses for Christmas... Needless to say, Kaylee plays with her sister's doll house more than the one she received... hmmm wonder why? Take a look...

Wish I would have know this before we had our own house built, we would have done without the 4th bedroom and saved on property tax money! I could have set up a little doll house in some corner for her to "live" in! ;)
I measured the opening for the doors... 7 1/2 inches wide x 11 1/2 inches high (at the highest point as they're curved at the top) I kid you not, she's tiny! I even took pics with the tape measure for those skeptics out there!

Kaylee had her OT eval today. All went well. I'm still sick and sick of being sick! Luckily though, I have the greatest kids ever; I came home from Kaylee's therapy, and Jennah had cleaned her bathroom! She put out new towels, cleaned the sink AND the tub and lined up the toothpaste and toothbrushes on the vanity. She also cleaned the mirror! Ok, so she did use 1/2 tub of Clorox wipes to do all this but I'm happy that she took on cleaning the bathroom all by herself! She's such a good helper.

Anyway, we took the girls out to Chili's for dinner. The service was just awful - very slow, and I hate it when servers take it upon themselves to do what they think is right. For instance: I NEVER order a meal for Kaylee because we all know she won't eat anything but maybe a french fry or some chips, etc. So tonight, the waitress asks "Anything for the little one?" To which I answer "No, but if you would bring us a small plate please." "Ok." she said. Well, when we finally got our food, she looks and says "oh look, they even split up the kids meal (Jennah's) so they can each have their own!" Arrggghhh! I didn't want to split the meal, I just wanted an extra plate so Kaylee could put the ONE french fry that she's going to eat on it! So, Jennah sat there with two very small baskets of mac and cheese and fries in them! I know, not a big deal but may I just ask... Why?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another relaxing day... I really could get used to this! Tomorrow will be back to the grind though. I have to cancel Kaylee's therapy again! I need to get myself to the Dr. as I'm still not 100%. Got to take care of mommy sometimes! Anyway, the kids played all day again today. Mike and I rested and watched some tv. I booked our trip to Miami for the February boat show. Not that we'd get a boat or anything, it's just fun to dream sometimes! That's about all that's happening around here. Oh, for my Northern friends (and you too B. Pittman) it was 84 degrees today!