Friday, July 10, 2009

I love my...

I love my .... Pediatrician! He's the greatest. He is so good with the kids. I love that he takes time with us and doesn't just run in, write a prescription and leave. Well, today, I had to take Kaylee in to see him. (see previous post) He came in, made Kaylee laugh for a few minutes, did the usual check up (eyes, ears, throat) and then looked at her "all over" skin rash. He then looks at me and says - Well, I've not seen a rash like this in a long time." I'm still not sure if I wanted to hear that or not! He then said to me "Her throat looks awesome, no redness or anything abnormal however, I'd like to swab it to do a culture test. If it comes back negative, you're on your own!" Kidding of course. Well, 10 minutes later, he came back in and said "You're not going to believe this but our little Kaylee (yes, he uses the word our) has Scarlet Fever." All I can think of in my head is that episode of Little House on the Prairie where Laura and her friend Alishia get "The Fever" and their stuck in this little cabin out in a pasture on their deathbeds to where absolutely no one can have any contact with them. Turns out THEY have poison Ivy. Of course, it's nothing like that at all now a days but still, my baby is ill. It boils down to this, the rash will be there for about a week and then, her skin may peel like she's got sunburn. Sounds painful but it's not. She'll be on antibiotics for 10 days and the rash should go away in about a week or so. Oh, and the BEST part....It's contagious. Jennah is most likely to get it as well since being sisters, they sometimes share things like drinking cups and the like. Sisters, no wonder they grow up not wanting to share!! Anyway, we'll watch out for Jennah - I'm already driving her crazy by checking her stomach and back for rash! Kaylee will just have to go with the flow and take her meds until she's well again! Here's a picture so you can see what it looks like.. It was the best picture I could find. This is NOT a picture of Kaylee - we all know she's not wearing big girl pants yet nor is she this big! I got this one off the internet as I didn't want to publish a pic of her without clothes on!

don't you hate it when....

Don't you hate it when your children are sick? Kaylee had a fever for about a day and a half. No problem though... nothing a little Tylenol wouldn't cure. Well, now she has this red rash all over her little body. I'm not sure what it is exactly but it looks itchy and has definitely spread! I'm taking her to the Dr. today to find out what it is that she has. Of course in the meantime, I've been checking Jennah out to make sure she doesn't get "it"! Oh the joys right? LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A very short Jennah story...

There haven't been many Jennah stories posted lately so I'm going to share a short one. Oh trust me, no Jennah stories has nothing to do wtih there are no Jennah stories to share, it's just that some of the Jennah stories are better off kept in the home and not brought to the public eye! So here goes with the short one...

Jennah: "So mom, it's your birthday next isn't it?"
Me: "Yes, in a few weeks... Why?"
Jennah: "Well, I'll still love you when your old."
Me: "Gee, thanks kiddo. I'll always love you too."
Jennah: "Well Mom, I'll love you when your wrinkly too ya know."

Kids... who says ya gotta love them! LOL

Monday, July 6, 2009

does the laundry EVER slow down?

I know, I'm slacking again! I can't say I've been busy though especially since I usually post at night but honestly, time has just slipped away from me these last few weeks! Seriously, it's now 10:15 pm and I'm doing laundry! I know you're saying why isn't she doing this during the day...well, I am! Laundry is a never-ending battle here at our home. Between the normal clothing and the amount of towels we go through, you'd think we were a family of ten! It's going to get worse now that we're hitting the beach towel shelf with the pool "open" for the season! Of course, there's the little issue I have with my washer too. It's decided that it's going to stop in the middle of cycles so there are times when I think it's done only to go and find it hasn't even made it through the rinse cycle. It's a pain but if you know Mike, you know that it's going to have to shut down completely before something is done about it. For now, we'll babysit the washing machine - and occasionally kick it while doing so!