Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break show time

My girls had their spring break last week so we tried our best to do something with them every day rather than them sitting in front of the tv all week. One evening, we took them to see the movie Tangled at the movie theater. We also took them another night to see Rango at the Drive-In theater. They were so funny. When we told them to get some blankets because we were going to see Rango at the drive-in, they were all excited. Then, in a split second, they stopped and looked at us and said "Ummm, what's a drive-in movie?" So funny. Needless to say, they enjoyed it. Of course, we did to. You can't beat the price. When we went to see Tangled at the regular theater, tickets, popcorn and drinks for the four of us cost us about $85.00. Two movies, popcorn and drinks for four of us at the drive-in was only $30.00. Hmmmm, I have NO problem watching a movie from the inside of the van for that price and it was so much fun to have the girls with us to enjoy it.