Monday, April 30, 2012


Today we came back from our cruise to Cozumel. Not just any cruise but a cruise to honor a dear family friend, Randy Franklin, who we took with us on board to have his ashes spread out to sea. For many of us, it was the closing we didn't have when he passed away and for most of us, it was a sad but happy time.  It was a wonderful time to ourselves on the back of the ship where no other passengers are allowed to go. A lovely poem was read, his ashes and flowers were tossed into the ocean and a few tears were shed as well. Then the good times afterward - the fun memories we had to share, the Bahama Mama drinks (his cruise favorite), the Groove for St, Jude Children's Hospital (a charity he supported) and so on.  Something little yet meaningful came to mind for me every day of the trip. For example, the cruise was originally booked by my mom and Randy for a quick get-away trip. When we arrived in Cozumel, Mike took a picture of the ship, the Carnival Paradise. Paradise - where Randy is now. It couldn't have been more appropriatly named. Then, Randy's sister Carole, my aunt, uncle, Mike and I were at a local restaurant where the five of us were seated at a table for six. The sixth seat was for Randy - we just knew it. He would have loved to chat with the locals like we did. We laughed as he would have. We told stories as he would have. Most of all, we shared one thing in common, he was with us and we all felt it. To Randy: Thanks for the memories we will always have of you. You will always be here with us.