Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks AAA and Legoland Florida

Florida is getting ready to open up it's newest theme park - That's right, Legoland Florida is set to open October 15th. As AAA members, we had a chance to visit the park for their AAA sneak preview days. We had a ton of fun and loved that AAA was there to give out some goodies as well. I really enjoy being a member for all the special discounts we get for hotels, theme park discounts, and even discounts on shopping! Not to mention the ongoing feeling of security I have knowing that I'll be taken care of if I should ever need a tire change or run out of gas on the road. We actually had them come by the house when our only set of keys got locked in our car! Anyway, all of us thoroughly enjoyed our day at Legoland, it was a day full of fun and surprises. If you have kids ages 2-12, it's well worth it. Here are some pics - Enjoy!

Legoland Florida

Our personal tour guide.

Kaylee on her jousting horse

Kaylee got her license to drive at the
Legoland Ford driving school.

The girls enjoying the Beetle Bounce ride.


Jennah gets her license as well.

Jennah and I on the double decker carousel

The plumber..