Saturday, June 6, 2009

Candle Party...

Last night I had a Partylite Candle party at my house. I had a very good turn out with 1o guests showing up. We all had a good time and as usual, a bunch of laughs. Here is a picture of one of the items I bought at a previous party that I received last night. It is a tinted, mirrored box that I can put different size candles in. In this picture, I put six tea light candles in it. I love it! Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice. Since I had a lot of sales, I get to pick out about 250.00 worth of stuff this time so far! The amount may go up because I have other people that didn't show up who want to order - yea!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where are my crayons?

"No Kaylee, mommy emptied the crayons out of your backpack. They're not in there...I promise!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When a picture really says 1000 words...

Jennah brought home her writing journal yesterday. Mind you, they started it at the beginning of the year so some of the spelling is way off. This was just one of my favorites...

Just in case you can't enlarge the picture, here's what it says... (written exactly how she wrote it)

"I wonder what it would be like with the old fones, lites, tvs, and airplanes. Watching tvs with oly the colers blak, white, gray, and brown souds craysy and same for the others. If I had no lites I would be scard. Living that way souds so 80s to me. I reely reely reely want to try it. It souds scary to be in one of those planes."

At the bottom fo the picture is a drawing of a person on a couch watching a tv on a stand and the words "Only 5 chanls!" written in between the drawings. It is so cute! She must think we're cave people (from the 80's)! LOL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Don't forget, this Friday is National Doughnut Day so both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are giving away free donuts. Dunkin Donuts is giving a free donut per person with any beverage purchase. Krispy Kreme is giving away one donut per person with no purchase. As Homer Simpson would say "Mmmmm Donuts"!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our trip to the dentist...a Jennah story

I took Jennah to the dentist today for her 6 month cleaning. NO cavities!! Yea! At her dentist, they have the dental chairs in one room. There are four of them lined up and they have two dentists that work at the same time while the kids are tipped back and watching the tv's on the ceiling! It's really neat. The only thing is you can hear and see the other kids being worked on. Now, mind you they don't do any major mouth work in this room, that type of stuff is done in the private rooms. Anyway, (and here comes the funny part) Jennah was sitting there waiting and listening to the mom next to us who I will say was being and absolute witch. The poor girl, her mom was almost to the point of yelling at her about how the girl brushes her teeth, how they're going to rot and fall out and really harping on her about not flossing twice a day, etc. I asked how old the girl was and the mom told me she was 7. Ok, SEVEN and she expects her to be flossing twice a day and brushing for two minutes, etc. I've got to remind Jennah to brush her teeth (she does do it) but I'm not getting in her face about it in public! Sheeeeeessss ssevvvennnn! Anyway, Jennah turns to the girl and says "You know you really have to brush your teeth right or your mom is going to cut your corn off the cob if you don't." Of course, I immediately said "Jennah!" to her and she looked at me and said in that kid kind of way "what mom, it's true." I didn't say anything to Jennah after that but I did think to myself -Honestly Jennah, I don't think she needed any of your advice along with her mom getting on her case. But then, I laughed my a$$ off because the way Jennah said it to her = so very funny! I'm sure the corn story comes from the fact that when Jennah lost her two front teeth, we had to cut her corn off the cob for her but still, she's hilarious!

AAhhhhhh Monday

Yet another relaxing weekend comes to an end. We had Mike's parents over for dinner last night which was real nice and then we stayed up a bit late to make sure the bottom bunk monkey stayed in bed. I think it was somewhere around 11:30 when she finally stayed put and fell asleep. Of course, I didn't mind but her teachers might! I did leave them a note so they would know why she's got dark circles around her eyes and so on. Oh well, I'm sure she'll go to bed on time tonight! Yeah, right!