Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A first for the new year...

Mike and I did a first this year... We went on a 7 night cruise WITHOUT the girls! I know, I know, it was hard but only until the second day! I'll admit, the first day, I did get a little watery-eyed when talking to families aboard the ship with their little children in tow. But, I'm also going to admit, all that was over with on the second day! I guess that first quiet night was it for me! I did miss them however, it was so nice to not have to worry about who was going to take the beeper, who was going to drop them off or pick them up from the playroom or which one of us would take them to the buffet dinner before we went to the fancy steak house! I might even say we're spoiled now knowing that we can leave them with my mom and go again without them (Thanks mom and Beth)! But don't worry, we're already planning another cruise WITH them for next year!

Here we are at our first formal night

snorkeling at Grand Cayman - awesome! Love my underwater camera!

One of the many pretty sunsets

Mike in Roatan dancing with some natives

Our last dinner in the dining room with our servers.