Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm so technically savvy -

I'm so technically savvy - NOT! Or shall I say not for some electronics - like video games. I'll put it simply... I hate em! Unless of course you're talking about my Wii which I don't consider a video game because I own the Wii Fit so for me, it's exercise equipment! Anyway, back to my original story. This morning, we had some extra time before going to school so Kaylee asks me if I would turn on her video game. GULP! This is something I've NEVER done! Mike or Jennah usually take care of this for me! I begin by turning on the tv. Yay, that worked out well! Then, Kaylee (who is FOUR) goes over and turns on the PlayStation. I look at the tv and after pressing a few buttons on the game remote, I decide "Oh, it's time to go to school!" Later, when Kaylee gets back home, I ask Mike if he has a few seconds to show me how to start her game up. Yes, it's here that it goes downhill for me! Kaylee runs over (remember, she's FOUR) and says, I can help you mommy. So I look at Mike and we ask her to tell ME how! She takes me though it step by step - "press the arrow button once on the left, then press the down, again press the down, now over to the hand thing" and so on until I'm instructed to "press start now mommy" and her game begins. Mike and I look at each other in amazement and then I make him pinky swear that he won't post on his Facebook that our FOUR YEAR OLD helped me get her PlayStation game started. Yikes! I'm going to go read now! LOL

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Every now and then, Jennah and I have a "sleepover". It's not what you'd think - no giggling girls, no pizza and chips, etc. It's just a night that she sleeps in our bed and Mike gets thrown out to the spare room! Last night, Kaylee decided she wanted a "sleepover" too. I've always been afraid she'd fall off our bed but now that we have a king size bed, I figured she could be more in the middle of it and less toward the edge. She had so much fun. We hopped into bed, put on a princess movie and then fell to sleep. Jennah ended up sleeping in the bed as well. Poor Mike - it was just him and the couch! I don't know why he didn't sleep in the spare room. Anyway, when Kaylee woke up this morning, she tapped me on the arm and said "Mommy, thanks for letting me have a sleepover in your big bed." It was so cute. She already asked me if we would do it again. Of course! ;)