Friday, September 30, 2011

A magical day...

Mike and I took the girls to Disney World last Saturday. The weather was perfect - no rain! I'll admit, it did get pretty hot for just a few hours at noontime but it turned out to be a lovely day! We got there just as the park opened and headed straight for Thunder Mountain! Our girls love that ride. It's so nice now that our littlest one (Kaylee) is old enough to pretty much ride everything with one exception - Space Mountain. As a mom, I don't think she'll ever be big enough to ride it! Luckily, our other daughter Jennah LOVES to ride all kinds of roller coasters. This time, was her first time riding Space Mountain! She was excited and ok, so was I! Of course, Mike volunteered to sit out with Kaylee. I believe they went on some rides while they waited on us. All in all, a very fun day with hardly any wait times in lines. Seriously, we pretty much walked onto everything!

Yay! We're here!

The girls at Liberty Square

Kaylee has her chalk portrait drawn

Kaylee enjoys the Tomorrowland Pople Mover with Mike while Jennah and I head for Space Mountain

Jennah waits in line for Space Nountain

Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride

Alone in the log at Splash Mountain.

Daddy and Jennah on Buzz Lightyear ride

Jennah and I on Space Mountain