Friday, September 17, 2010

Spoiled by daddy...

Mike had the day off today so he decided to ride along with me for my daily school and bus stop trips to drop off the girls and pick them up. After all, it's something that I always take care of as he's at work when they leave and come home. Here's how my morning USUALLY goes:

7:45: get the girls in the car to take Jennah to her bus stop.
7:55-ish: head back home, take the puppy for a short walk. Make Kaylee's lunch. Finish up getting Kaylee ready (comb hair, etc)
8:45: Take Kaylee to school and head home.

2:45: Head out to Kaylee's school to be up front in the pick-up line because Kaylee gets out of school 15 minutes earlier than regular school children. Read book for an hour; Get Kaylee and head home.
5:00: Get Jennah from bus stop.

Today, with Mike riding along, here's how it went:

7:45: girls in car, at bus stop, bus comes, Jennah leaves. Head to Dunkin Donuts for Mike's coffee and get Kaylee a donut for breakfast!
8:50: Take Kaylee to school, head home.

3:40: (yes, an hour later than I usually leave) head to school; wait in VERY long line to pick Kaylee up (mind you she gets out 15 minutes earlier than regular school children but not today!)
4:00: Kaylee is in car (almost 20 minutes later than usual).
4:10: Pulling into Baskin Robbins for ice cream - daddy's idea!

Anyone see a strange pattern here besides me? I don't seem to remember making the extra pit stops for goodies when I make the school/bus stop trips!

Of course, Kaylee's comment was "Hey mom, I really like it when daddy picks me up at school." Well, yeah, she got donuts AND ice cream today! I told her "don't get too used to it." ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What if...

What if you could be a bird? Yes, that was the topic for the bus stop conversation this morning between Jennah and I. It went like this:

Jennah: "Mom, wouldn't it be cool to be a bird for a day?"
Me: "Yes, that would be way cool. We could fly everywhere."
Jennah: "Well, I would love to sit on power lines and not get electrocuted." "And then I would go around and poop on some man's suit and make cars all messy."
Me: "Now that's not nice."
Jennah: "Yeah." (giggles) "But then think of the downside."
Me: "What's that?"
Jennah: "Worms for breakfast every morning...ick!"
Me: "Now that would be gross."
Jennah: "I think I'd carry around a bag of chips with my feet."

We laugh, then the bus comes and off she goes. I love that we can have these little fun moments to start our day before she goes to school. She is too funny! I can see it now... I'm going to drive her to college every day as I can only imagine these stories are going to get better and better!