Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Green?

Not much happening lately but we're getting ready for a busy month of March. First, is my nephew's birthday - the BIG 13! Eek, a teenager! Then, Kaylee's birthday is just around the corner - literally, it's Monday, followed by Mike's. They're all pretty much in the same week! Follow that up with Spring break this month for the girls and soon, it will be April and the whole Spring holiday season will be upon us. So, with that said, I tried my best to "go green" for my blog page with St. Patrick's Day coming up! I like my blog page to match the season- I'm weird like that! Quite honestly though, green is just not my favorite blog page color! So, here it is.... Not too green. Enjoy it because as soon as April is near, my page look is quickly going to change. I'm just going to deal with it until then!