Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stay off the sidewalks...

There are new drivers in town... Ok, not really but I know two lucky little girls who are driving around the cul-de-sac! Yep, Santa came through and brought them a John Deer Gator! They love it! I'm glad he went with this one because as you can see, Jennah is getting bigger every day and will outgrow it soon enough. Luckily for now, she can teach Kaylee how to drive safely around our neighborhood! They LOVE this! I love the fact that the seat is adjustable and it has a working dump bed so now they can help us with the yardwork! LOL

Jennah teaching Kaylee how to drive

Whooo Hooo! LOL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Jennah story...

Today was the last day of school for holiday break. Jennah was a bit confused by this while waiting at the bus stop today. She apparently thought school was out just for Christmas day. So, I explained to her that she was out of school for the holidays... here's how it ended:

Jennah: "Oh, so we're just out for Christmas day and then we go back?"
Me: "No Jennah, you're out of school for two and one half weeks and then you go back."
Jennah: "Two and a half weeks?"
Me: "Yes, so you can play with all the toys that Santa brings you."
Jennah: "I think I'm going to need more time."

I cracked up and then she laughed as well. She is sooo darn funny!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa claus is coming....

Tonight we went to Dade City to walk down Church Street. It's a street in a small town where every year, they decorate all the historic homes and churches for Christmas. There are live manger scenes, carolers, little boys and girls dressed as angels singing, Santa, church choirs, and so on. It is very nice to be able to take the kids for a walk at night to enjoy all the lights and activities. They even had a chance to talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus for a few minutes. Kaylee and Jennah both enjoyed that! Here are a few pics... enjoy!

Santa and Jennah

Santa and Kaylee

One of my favorite homes