Monday, April 4, 2011

it was bound to happen...

We rode our bikes again this past Sunday but this time, on a different trail. We rode the Withlacoochee State Trail. It was so pretty. The trail is paved as it used to be the old railroad. It winds through some very pretty farmlands as well as through the Withlacoochee Forrest for about 46 miles. We rode 10 miles this time. It was nice and shady and with it being a railroad pass, the hills were gradual and almost unnoticeable. When we got to the end of our ride, we had just started loading the bikes up when I heard Jennah make this weird noise. I looked over at her and she was walking her bike toward the van. I asked her if she was ok and then I noticed she had a banged up knee and elbow! OUCH! She had made a sharp turn into the parking lot and lost control of her bike. She's okay though, just a scraped knee and arm. I knew as soon as we let her ride without the knee pads that this would happen! Oh well, she can't wear padding forever - well besides the helmet that is!

Kaylee, with her blanket - must be nice!

Water break!

We dragged my sister out with us.

Jennah and her boo boos