Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day in the life...

A day in the life of a fish that is! Today, we had some friends over for some swimming and lunch. Well, we got in the pool at about noon and didn't get out until after 5pm with the exception of eating some hot dogs and burgers that I cooked on the grill. What a wonderful day it was. The weather was perfect. The kids all played well together and the adults had a blast in the pool with them. We even lost track of time and ended up having to go out to get dinner at 8:30pm! I brought out Jennah's little underwater camera and took some pics of the kids jumping in. It takes nice pics for an underwater cam. You just have to get used to the timing especially since kids don't stay put long under water! Here's a pic of Jennah right after she jumped in!

Friday, July 24, 2009

company comes and company goes...

I've decided we should put in a revolving door on our house. We love having people over and there are some weeks that we have people over all the time - like this week! Tuesday, we had my brother's family over for a short while during the day and then Mike's Dad and step mom came over that night. Wednesday, my neighbor came over for a few minutes. Thursday and Friday I had my nephews over, who are still here until tomorrow. My mom, our friend Randy, and my favorite aunt and Uncle were also here for dinner this evening. Tomorrow we'll have my friend and her family over for lunch and some swimming in the pool. Oh, but Sunday... What? No company on Sunday? What will I do? Hey, I know... Anyone want to come over?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

I woke up this morning to be reminded by Jennah that I'm older now! Yes - today is my birthday! It's been a lovely day so far. I took Jennah to bowling camp this morning where we met up with my favorite Aunt and Uncle. They sat with me and watched Jennah's attempts at bowling! We all went for lunch afterwards. Mmmmm, Steak & Shake! Jennah and I love to go there after bowling. It's like our "girls lunch" thing! Anyway, when we got home, Mike took Jennah out shopping. When they returned, Jennah came running into the house and gave me her sleep mask - ya know, that blue mask she wears over her eyes when she sleeps! I was instructed to put it on and to not peek until they said I could. Well, mind you, I was sitting at the table with Kaylee who saw Jennah and daddy walk in while I was "blindfolded". Leave it to a three year old who started yelling in her most excited voice "Yea! Birthday Cake!" Perhaps the eye mask would have been better off on her instead of me! So, yes, there was birthday cake and a few things from daddy and the girls. One of which is a machine (called a Jukebox) that hooks up to my Cricut cutting machine for scrapbooks. I also received a necklace from Jennah which as Jennah stated "Just so happens to match a dress that I (Jennah) like." No, not a dress of mine, one of hers! So, I'm sure I'll find my new necklace in Jennah's room some day! She is a ham! Anyway, my big day isn't over yet but I wanted to share in case I don't get back on the computer tonight. Thanks to all of you who have wished me a happy birthday!

Mmmm, cake!

My new scrapbook toy!
A very pretty candle holder that
I received last night from Mike's
dad and stepmom! The pic doesn't
do it justice... I love it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Monday...

Ahhhh, Monday morning and raining already. I could just stay in bed today but I have to take Kaylee to feeding therapy. She doesn't know this yet (shhhh, don't tell her!) but today we're going to try some egg salad. Nothing too fancy, just eggs, some mayo, a little bit of mustard and a hint of salt and pepper. Of course, the first few spoonfuls will be covered in cool whip! I'm seriously thinking we need to put a blindfold on her to get her to eat. That or we need to find a way to make everything look like cake and cookies! I just know someday, these days of trying to get her to eat will be over and she'll do it on her own but until then, we try and try and try over and over again. Yes, it's very frustrating for now but maybe one day.....

Don't think she's eating anything good in this picture, it's just ice cream!