Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Day

I decided at the last minute to take Jennah to Walt Disney World this morning after her soccer game. She thought we were going to Nonna's house to bake cookies. On the way to Disney, I said to her "What if we don't go to Nonna's?" She said "Ok, then we can go home and put up the Christmas tree." I told her "No, we're not going home either." She looked at me funny so I asked her to read the road sign that was coming up. She said "That sign says Disney World." I said "Yes it does, do you want to go there?" She looked at me and said "Are you tricking me?" I told her "No, that's where you and I are going." She was SO excited! We had a great time. Now, we did meet Nonna & our friend Randy there as well as some friends from Canada who were on vacation. The parks were busy so we didn't go to the Magic Kingdom. We did go on a few rides at EPCOT and one awesome ride (Toy Story Mania) at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was so nice to spend time with Jennah. She's such a happy girl and I love it when she gets excited over the smallest things in life. I took this picture while we were waiting on the bus to take us to the park. I just love the toothless smile she has and those bright eyes!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ice cream night!

I took Jennah grocery shopping with me to get snacks for soccer (see previous post). On the way out she "reminds" me... "Mom, isn't Friday ice cream night?" So we truck on back to the frozen food isle and I let her pick out a flavor. Yippee, it's on sale! 2 for the price of 1. So, Jennah picks out Peppermint Stick. Sounds good you say, well, to me it's like what I would think milk and mouthwash mixed together would be like. (ummm, yukky) For me, I spot my favorite; "Santa's White Christmas" limited Edition. You read right, a Limited Edition Ice Cream!! It's Barney's coffee with espresso chips in it. For you Northerner's, Barney's is similar to Starbucks or Gloria Jeans specialty coffee shops. They only make this flavor at Christmas time, hence the name! So off to the house we go... mmmmmm.

Soccer Mom

Well, I'll soon be on my way to the grocery store. In going to the School concert last night, we missed soccer practice. Normally, not an issue however, being the "soccer mom" that I am, I somehow got roped into being the keeper of the snack schedule. It turns out I was supposed to bring a copy of the schedule to a mom that lost hers. Once again, normally, not a problem but our game is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am and it happens to be THAT mom's snack day! She doesn't have a phone number that we can call to remind her so I'll take on her duty instead. Now, where's that soccer mom badge....

Kaylee's Dr. appt.

Kaylee had an appt today with her neurologist. He is very pleased with how far she's come. Of course, we're pretty pleased as well! I couldn't resist taking this picture after we put her in her car seat. She was so excited about her barrette! Actually, it belongs to Jennah. Not to worry though, it didn't stay in her hair long before she pulled it out!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Concert

Tonight was Jennah's holiday concert. What a madhouse! First off, the school parking lot was not made to handle the hundreds of cars that are there for such events. Then there's the small cafeteria where the stage is that is incapable of holding all the families for the school children that were a part of the concert. Now I will say that they tried to avoid issues by splitting up the grades having the K-2nd graders perform tonight and the 3rd through 5th graders on a different night. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to have all of them there at once. There were a ton of people standing in the back due to lack of seating. This happens at every event we've gone to. I don't know why they can't figure out a better way to handle such masses of people! Anyway, the kids were great. They sang their little hearts out! Kaylee loved it. She was telling everyone around us to "clap." Grandma Beth and Grandpa Wayne showed up which was very nice. I just hope the mayhem didn't scare them from coming back for other events! We went out to dinner, errr, breakfast afterwards. It was very nice to spend time with the kids and their grandparents. Well, it's off to bed for the girls now. Night night!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time flys

Wow, where did the time go... Mike and I took Kaylee to the local elementary school so they could do a physical therapy evaluation on her. We're trying to get her into the public school's ESE program when she turns three. Hopefully, she did well and they'll see that she needs help and accept her into their program. Other than that, I wrote a nasty-gram to Wendy's and actually received a phone call form their district manager who was at the store where we had some issues yesterday. He was very nice and will hopefully address the issues we have experienced at their restaurant. Kaylee was pretty grumpy in the afternoon so we just "chilled" for the rest of the day. She so cute though, even at her grumpiest!

My first blog

Well, I've finally decided to start blogging. I've read some others and thought "What a good idea." A blog spot would be great at keeping family and friends informed about what is happening in our little corner of the world.

And so it begins...