Saturday, December 5, 2009

The tree...

We put up our Christmas tree tonight. I'll first say that I'm surprised the pre-lit tree lasted another year in the garage. So far, only one branch refuses to light up. Now, I'm going to admit that there really wasn't any rearranging to be done after the girls went to bed. You moms and dads know what I mean -when all the red ornaments are piled together on one branch and so forth and you wait for the kids to go to bed before you make "adjustments"! I thought it would be worse this year with two girls helping but really, only one or two ornaments had to be - ahem - adjusted and only because they were small ornaments that I needed for the top of the tree. So, now we just sit and wait for Santa!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Plot...

I"m going to start off by saying that we have an alarm on our home. Not because we live in a bad neighborhood or anything like that, it was just part of the "builders package". Anyway, we have it set up so that if anyone opens a door or window, it beeps. I like it for the reason that I always know if the kids are going outside, or if someone is coming in. I told you this because it is part of today's Jennah story:

Jennah: "Mom, I've decided I'm going to sleep under the living room chair this year in order to catch Santa Claus."
Mom: "Well, if you catch Santa Claus, how will he bring toys to the other girls and boys?"
Jennah: "I'm not really going to catch him like with a net or a cage! I just want to catch him in the act of putting my gifts under the tree." "I tried to do this with the Easter Bunny last year but I was too late." "This year, I have a plan though."
Mom: "What's the plan?"
Jennah: "I'm going to secretly listen for the alarm beeps and then I'll know when he's sneaking in so I can watch him from under the chair."
Mom: "Oh."
Jennah: (evil giggles) "Yup, won't he be surprised when he sees I'm watching him this time."
Mom: "Oh yeah, he'll be real surprised."

Too cute!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

School tomorrow...

After being home for 5 days for the holiday, the girls go back to school tomorrow. Last Tuesday, when it was their last day of school before vacation, I thought I'd be more excited for tomorrow to come. Honestly though, I enjoyed my time with them while they were home. We had fun playing games like hide and seek, doing puzzles, some shopping and took in a movie as a family. I really enjoyed it. I'm amazed every day as to how far Kaylee has come in the last year and even in just the last few months. As for Jennah, she is so smart and her thought process always catches me off guard. For instance, the other day we were in the car and I asked her "If Santa could bring you just one thing for Christmas, what would you want it to be?" She thought real hard for a minute and then said "A big bag of toys." Wouldn't most kids have picked out the one favorite toy they wanted?