Friday, December 19, 2008

Come To The Dark Side...We Have Antibiotics

Mike joined the rest of the family and added himself to the Antibiotic club! They say "resistance is futile" but I made him go to the Dr. even though he swore he was feeling better. We're glad he went. He has an ear infection (sound familiar?) and his throat is inflamed. Can I say "I told you so!" Now that we're all on meds with the exception of Kaylee, maybe we'll all be well for Christmas.

Our toothless elf...

Well, FINALLY, Jennahs other top front tooth came out. She was looking pretty silly with just one tooth on top right in the middle. Now, even toothless, she's cuter than ever!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Ornaments

Jennah and I had time today to make some Christmas ornaments in between taking antibiotics! We had fun making them although we're not quite done yet. It takes about a day for the glue to set, then we have to add the quick dry cement on top to fill in the spaces between the glass chips. I think she's beginning to feel better - she's not refusing food like she was yesterday. Those of you that know her well know that she can pack in some groceries for a little girl! I'm feeling a bit better myself. I'm finally getting my hearing back in my right ear that's been clogged for days!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays ??

Took Jennah to the Dr. today... She's got strep throat! Luckily, I've got an excellent pediatrician who worked with my awkward schedule to fit me in. He even suggested that if Kaylee catches what we've got (and eventually, it's going to happen) to just call him and he'd prescribe her Rx without me taking her to see him. What a guy! So, here we are, sick as doggies trying very carefully to avoid Mike and Kaylee. Oh well. I really feel bad for Jennah, not only did she miss the after school party yesterday with Santa and the Mrs. but now she's going to miss out on her class party on Friday. Hopefully, she'll be better on Saturday as she's supposed to go to a sleep-over at her cousins house.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr visit...

Went to the Dr. today... yep, Bronchitis, URI, and a full blown ear infection! How'd I get that? My Dr. said my right ear was so red, he hasn't seen one like it since his military days! "Ready to blow" was his comment. So, now I'm on two antibiotics and have some ear drops to put in my ear for the pain.

I also was lucky enough to get "the phone call" today. You that have small children know... the one from the school demanding you pick your child up because they have a fever! ARGHHH. I got the call literally moments before I left to go pick Jennah up from the bus stop. They wouldn't let her on the bus because her fever was 103.5. Turns out she was feeling sick this afternoon at school but didn't tell anyone because Santa and Mrs. Claus were going to be at school this evening. It was going to be our evening out. She was all prepared with her cookies and Christmas list to give to them. Luckily, her teacher spotted her "not being herself" before she boarded the bus. I hope she gets better soon, I can't stand to see my girls sick let alone the fact that she missed Santa.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Will I ever get better?

Today I tried my best to get an appointment to see my Dr. I'm still not feeling up to par and now my ear is killing me. Really, I feel like someone stuck a fork in my right ear. It's plugged up so bad, I can hardly hear out of it. The first appointment I can get is tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I'll get a good Rx and this will all be over with soon. It's a good thing I have my princess to take care of me! She was so cute in her little princess - mix outfit!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day at Dad's

We went to my dad's house today for a little get-together. The whole family was there including my sister, brother, their boys, my dad's girlfriend and some of her family. We had a lot of fun sitting around the table telling stories. We can always make dad laugh with our silly stories especially the ones about the kids and the funny things they say and do. We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect. Most of the kids played outside while the adults were inside enjoying a good time.

Greeting Cards

I finally finished addressing my greeting cards. Now all I have to do is put them in the mail on Monday! YEA! Not much happening today. Mike took Jennah to Soccer and I went to fetch some groceries when he returned. All in all, a relaxing kind of day.