Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lions and tigers and bears oh my...

We live in the city. It's not a big city like New York or anything but it is a city - a small one. In the middle of the city is our house. We are one minute from grocery stores, restaurants, gas, stations and parks. The main "drag" through town is about 1/2 mile from our front door. With that said, I'm often surprised to see the wildlife that passes through our yard. Here are some photos I've taken from our home. Some were taken through our back windows and screened in lanai so they may seem a little fuzzy but I wanted to share what we get to see living here in Florida... Enjoy!

The biggest mosquito I've ever seen! So glad I had the car window closed!
(photo taken while waiting for Jennah at the bus stop in June)

A huge bee - I didn't want to get too close!
(photo taken on our front porch)

Sandhill Crane
(these are always wandering around our neighborhood - photo taken in our yard)

Red Shouldered Hawk - I LOVE these hawks! They eat snakes and mice, etc! I usually see one of these every day! (photo taken from inside our house looking out back- we didn't want to scare him away)

Suwannee River Cooter (turtle) - This big boy moved pretty fast for a turtle! He was wandering in our front yard. (Photo by Mike - he's the only one that would get that close!)

Florida Deer. These are the ones that shock me the most because of where we live. We saw these tonight right outside our back window! They were the inspiration for my post! (photo taken through Jennah's bedroom window)

Florida Lizard - or as we call them "baby dinosaurs"! They run fast but they don't mind when the kids catch them! (photo taken on my Mini-Van wheel!)

Cardinal - They are so pretty. They love when we put food out for them. (photo taken on a tree in our front yard)

Squirrel! The girls love these fuzzy animals! They sure are quick little thieves! There are so many of them here! I've actually watched them steal a block of corn and take off with it! (photo taken in our driveway)

White Ibises - cute little birds! They usually visit us the day our lawn is mowed! (photo taken at the end of our driveway)

So, there you have it. These are just a few of the wildlife animals we see often. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we do!