Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Nativity as seen through Kaylee's eyes...

I took the girls to Church Street Christmas tonight. It is a city tradition that began 31 years ago where visitors can stroll down the brick paved street of Church Avenue in Dade City to enjoy beautifully decorated homes, choral groups, music, Hot Cocoa, a live nativity scene and more. It was tonight that I realized again what kind of world our children live in. Here is our conversation with Kaylee after visiting the live nativity scene:

Kaylee: "Hey mom, what was that baby's name again?"
Me: "Baby Jesus."
Kaylee: "Was the baby a boy or a girl?"
Me: "Baby Jesus was a boy."
Kaylee: "Why did he sleep in the hay and not on a bed."
Jennah: "Kaylee, back then, they didn't have a bed for him."
Kaylee: "And no house for him either?"
Me: "No Kaylee, he was born in a manger - it's like a barn."
Kaylee: "WHAT?" "He didn't have a pillow either?"
Me: "No Kaylee, he probably didn't have a pillow."
Kaylee: "And no laptop?"
Me: "No, no laptop."
Kaylee: "I don't want to live in a manger mom." "Can I play on my computer when I get home?"

I love the way she thinks!