Saturday, March 6, 2010

Celebration time...

Today we celebrated birthdays for Mike, Kaylee and my nephew Ryan. What a fun time! We had 25 people here! Kaylee had a ball playing with her cousin Jordin while the older kids and the adults chatted, played Rock Band and Wii. The older boys also had a great time outside racing Uncle Mike's remote control car - He's such a kid at heart! Of course, there was plenty of food and cake to go around and then some! I hope everyone that showed up had as nice a time as we did!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's time again...

It's time again to change my blog background! Gotta try to keep up with the seasons and holidays. Everyone knows I'm not a big fan of green or should I say certain shades of green so I tried to keep it to a minimum. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Inside voice

Yesterday, the girls were playing loudly in the living room. I asked them to quiet down. They did - for a split second and then Kaylee went running around screeching. Apparently, Jennah was acting like a tiger and "was going to eat her". Once again, they were asked to quiet down. Well, not two seconds went by and we heard Kaylee screaming about "the tiger" again! This time, Mike yelled at Kaylee to use her "inside voice". She looked at me and came over with tears in her eyes. When she gets in trouble, she ALWAYS comes to me arms open and says "Mom, hold you me." I picked her up and gave her hugs and then as usual told her why she was yelled at. It makes her "better" and she goes on with what she was doing. A few minutes passed and Jennah got loud this time so I yelled "Jennah, stop!" Kaylee comes rushing into the kitchen, looks at me and says "Mom, inside voice, or go sit in your time out!" Too funny!